About Me

I was 7 years old when I went to my first gymnastics class, I was petite, knobbly knee’d and my hair was pulled back into a tight high ponytail. Growing up I loved sport but nothing came naturally to me. I was terrible at catching a ball (still am pretty terrible), but I was in my element doing handstands and cartwheels. Gymnastics instantly became my passion and my life revolved around it for the next 14 years.


Growing up with a large focus around sport, I have always had a passion for health and fitness. Thanks to gymnastics and the professional support that assisted me in achieving my best, I was educated from a young age about the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and what it takes to ensure you reach your absolute potential.


Throughout my gymnastics career I have learnt how to deal with challenges such as balancing school or university with a busy training schedule, overcoming setbacks and injury while preparing for competitions, finding the right balanced diet to fuel my body for performance, and most importantly learning how to compete under pressure when it counts. I believe it’s one of the toughest and most mentally challenging sports out there. I may be slightly bias, but it can be brutal at the worst of times and incredibly rewarding at its best.

I am now a qualified Exercise Physiologist. With 14 years of elite gymnastics experience, I am now applying my knowledge from the beautiful sport of gymnastics and my studies to inspire, educate and motivate the next generation of Aussie students and athletes.

At the end of 2012 I left the sport as a Dual Olympian, Dual Commonwealth Games gold medalist, 3 Times World Championship Team Member, National Champion and Victorian Champion. After 4 years out of the sport, I’m passionate about running school gymnastics sessions as well as working in an exciting career as an Exercise Physiologist. For more information about Exercise Physiology and the benefits of exercise, head over to my health and fitness page

AB x