Health and Fitness

My passion for health and fitness stemmed from my 14 year gymnastics career. Being active was ingrained in my lifestyle from a young age, it was my job to train every day. Since retiring after the London Olympics I discovered that exercising was an important aspect of my life in order for my mind to stay happy, alert and motivated towards achieving future goals.


I have now completed a Master in Clinical Exercise physiology (Rehabilitation), working at two different locations throughout Melbourne as an Exercise physiologist.


The role of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP):

AEPs are allied health professionals and specialise in clinical exercise prescription and the delivery of exercise and lifestyle modification programs for people at risk of, or living with chronic conditions or injuries.


Do you suffer from?

– Osteoporosis or arthritis

– Diabetes of Pre Diabetes

– Obesity

– Depression

– Cancer

– Chronic Respiratory Disease and Asthma

– Chronic musculoskeletal injuries

– Physical restrictions or mobility issues

– Difficulty maintaining motivation and adherence to exercise routines

– General deconditioning


Do you want to?

– Build strength and fitness

– Manage your weight

– Feel less lethargic

– Improve ability to perform activities of daily living

– Reduce your falls risk

– Lead a pain free lifestyle


Regular physical activity, at the correct intensity is so powerful in maintaining and improving health that it is now prescribed, just as medicine is


Whether you are an elite athlete, or wishing to improve your general health and wellbeing, I believe everyone deserves to achieve optimum health. By working collaboratively with other health professionals, this can be accomplished.


As an AEP, I specialise in offering services for athletic development and strength and conditioning while my individually tailored programs can assist with:


– Injury management

– Achieving health and fitness goals

– Improved strength and conditioning to achieve athletic goals

– Gain a performance-enhancing edge


A pilates program can assist with:


– Treatment of a specific injury or condition focussing on the retraining and recruitment of deep stabilising muscles (core stability

– Develop and improve core control required for sport or everyday activities by improving posture, strength and flexibility


If this is something you think can benefit you, contact me here

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Melbourne Physiotherapy, Pilates and Fitness Group

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Somerville Chiropractic Clinic

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