Gymnastics for Schools.

Introducing school kids to gymnastics and showing them the benefits of building strong foundations through gymnastics skills.


launchpad gymnastics

I am passionate about visiting primary schools  and providing kids with the opportunity to experience gymnastics.

I follow similar values and goals as Gymnastics Australia’s junior recreational gymnastics program – LaunchPad.

My programs are all about teaching children the fundamental movement skills they need to lead an active and healthy life full of sport and recreation. Designed to give children the opportunity to practise, develop and enjoy moving through a wide-range of activities with a gymnastics twist!

My programs rely on safe and enjoyable activities that challenge participants relative to their abilities and stage of development. Many of the games and activities in my gymnastics programs are based on what I learnt growing up in the gym and have given me a great skill base for life post gymnastics. Importantly, research tells us that children who have these fundamental skills are far more likely to participate in sport and recreation throughout life.

Fundamental Movement Skill activities benefit children through providing:
· A foundation for lifelong participation in sport and recreation
· A foundation for future participation in gymnastics
· Optimised activities for brain and body development

I can visit your school throughout the term and provide some exciting gymnastics equipment for the sessions.
If you wish to enrol your school in the program please contact me for information regarding the program.

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